On April 30, many people met in the middle Kamp Valley near Rosenburg to explore it and to demand its protection. On the old dam of the Rosenburg power plant, activists with canoes mounted a large banner demanding the opening of the dam and the liberation of the river. In the video Ulrich Eichelmann, Oliver Lehmann, Doris Knecht, Stefan Glaser und Werner Gamerith explain why they advocate the preservation or restoration of the living, free-flowing Kamp river.

With a removalof the Rosenburg powerplant and further restoration downstream, the Kamp can once again become a paradise for many endangered species © Matthias Schickhofer

The aging Rosenburg power plant has long been a thorn in the side of conservationists. Now, according to plans of the energy company EVN, it is to be replaced by a larger power plant - with massive ecological consequences for the entire Kamp Valley. The "Kamp Days" therefore focus on the demand for a restoration and a complete removal of the existing powerplant.