Video: We for the Living Kamp

On April 30, many people met in the middle Kamp Valley near Rosenburg to explore it and to demand its protection. On the old dam of the Rosenburg power plant, activists with canoes mounted a large banner demanding the opening of the dam and the liberation of the river. In the video Ulrich Eichelmann / Riverwatch, Oliver Lehmann / journalist, Doris Knecht / author, Stefan Glaser / cititens’ initiative Lebendiger Kamp and Werner Gamerith / ecologist explain why they advocate the preservation or restoration of the living, free-flowing Kamp river.

This was the 2nd day of the Kamp Days, an event about the future of the Kamptal. More information about the event as well as video recordings can be found HERE.

And because some may ask: Where should the electricity come from then? Answer: The Rosenburg power plant is a small power plant that is basically irrelevant for the energy supply in Austria, but its new construction would cause a lot of ecological damage. Instead of destroying the river landscape, there is an urgent need to invest in the expansion of solar power - ideally on the many commercial roofs. This would also be much cheaper, would be take much less time and would offer a possibility to give back a piece of nature to the people of the Kamp Valley.