Old weir of the hydropower plant Rosenburg © Werner Gamerith

Dams are not forever!

Do you know a dam, a weir or any other type of barrier that you think should be dismantled, because it is blocking fish migration, or because it is old and out of use? With your support we want to identify dams and barriers which damage to river nature is so considerable and its economic benefits so negligible that it would more reasonable to remove them.

What happens to your data?

We will use the incoming replies to the questionnaire and develop a list of the most important dams to be removed. Your data will be treated confidentially. Besides concrete projects we want to raise public awareness on dam removal with our campaign – and your dam information will help us with that.

More information on dam removal you will find here

If you cannot answer all categories of the questionnaire, please send us the questionnaire anyway. THANK YOU!

Fill-in assistance for Questionnaire

On the basis of the hydropower plant Rosenburg in Lower Austria, we are explaining how simple it is to fill in the questionnaire in a few steps. Please note that in case if you do not know all the requested details, this is also fine for us. The questionnaire does not have to be filled in as detailed as in this example, which is used for explaining the different categories.

Fill-in assistance (PDF)

We are appreciating your time and effort for filling in the questionnaire - Thank you!

If you have questions please contact

Location of the barrier

Please indicate in the map the location of the dam/weir/barrier. Zoom into the map and fix the location with a (left) mouse click. Once placed on the map you can move the marker by dragging.

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Description of the barrier

Example Hydropower © Roberto Epple, ERN
Example Weir © Wikipedia
Example Ground sill © EZB

Fish passages

Fish species in the river

GraylingThymallus thymallus
NaseChondrostoma nasus
BarbelBarbus barbus
Brown troutSalmo trutta
Danube SalmonHucho hucho

Protected area

Length of created free flowing river

Graphic: Explanation of free flowing river length

Advantages and Benefits of Dam Removal

Please kindly provide us with your information in the box below, also a brief list of keywords is sufficient.

Information on the submitter of the questionnaire

Additional Data

If you have data available on the dam, like photos, links to websites or other data that you would like to share with us, please send them to us via email: