While a COVID19-related curfew is in force in the province of Tyrol /Austria, the construction of the contested Tumpen-Habichen hydropower plant on the free-flowing Ötztaler Ache has been secretly started. Completely unchecked, the hydro developers are allowed to destroy this world-famous kayak river and project opponents have no possibility to protest against it. Please sign the petition to stop this madness!

The Doljanka river in Bosnia and Herzegovina is at risk. Sign the petition! © Anes Podic

The Doljanka River in Bosnia and Herzegovina needs your help! The former NBA Player Mirza Teletović is financing the destruction of the river in his home town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, despite the local resistance. Public consultation of the local community was not carried out adequately, nor was there a proper environmental impact study. Please sign this petition to protect the Doljanka River from these destructive hydropower projects.

Jiu River in Jiu Gorge © Calin Dejeu

The Defileul Jiului National Park is at risk and requires your help. This petition aims to end the destruction of what should be – according to legal requirement – the most protected water bodies in the river network of Romania due to illegal hydropower development. Read more about the spectacular Defileul Jiului National Park and its ongoing devastation and SIGN THE PETITION!