Activists on the Kamp river © Lebendiger Kamp

EVN has decided not to expand the Rosenburg power plant on the Kamp in Lower Austria. The citizens' initiative "Lebendiger Kamp", the Lower Austrian Nature Conservation Association, Riverwatch and WWF have been protesting against this project for over 10 years. "EVN's announcement that the Rosenburg power plant will not be expanded is pleasing, but can only be a first step. To get a 'living Kamp' again, it is not enough to prevent deterioration - the Kamp needs improvement. To achieve this, the dam in Rosenburg must be removed. " says Ulrich Eichelmann, Riverwatch CEO.

Freedom to the rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina © Dinno Kasalo

Taking matters into hand: this 14-meter girl is smashing the already broken and obsolete dam on the Bašćica River in Bosina and Herzegovina with a hammer. For days this picture has been circulating in social media, leaving people to wonder who was behind this ingenious protest action. On Tuesday, the Coalition for the Protection of Rivers of Bosnia and Herzegovina has lifted the mystery.