Luka Krajnc approaches the 700-meter limestone face of Papignut. © Marko Prezelj

Save the Blue Heart of Europe: Climbing in Albania

“If you climb it, they will come, and with them ecotourism dollars that could give the people of this area a much preferred alternative to the damming of their river.”

Within the context of the Balkan Rivers Tour, a Patagonia climbing team explored climbing possibilities in Albania. They were awed by what they found: “From the top we had spectacular views all around with untouched limestone cliffs spanning the landscape as far as our eyes could see.”

Climbing is yet another opportunity for Albania to develop sustainable eco/outdoor tourism. However, many of these prime climbing spots are also threatened by hydropower development.  Read for yourself: Save the Blue Heart of Europe: Climbing in Albania

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 Marko Prezelj goes green on Papignut. © Luka Krajnc

Gaining a higher perspective on the Blue Heart of Europe. © Marko Prezelj