The EU urges Albania to establish a Vjosa National Park as soon as possible. © Alexander Louvet

EU demands Vjosa National Park in Progress Report on Albania

Just in time for the upcoming elections in Albania, the European Parliament has taken a position on a Vjosa National Park.

On March 25, the European Parliament adopted the 2021 Albanian Progress Report in which they “urge the [Albanian] government to minimise the impact on biodiversity by stopping hydropower development in protected areas, in particular in areas near the Valbona and Vjosa rivers, and to establish as soon as possible the Vjosa National Park, extending the whole length of the river...”

The vast majority of parliamentarians voted for the protection of the Vjosa. A Vjosa National Park covering the whole length of the river and its tributaries could serve as a role model for the Biodiversity Strategy within the framework of the European Green Deal.

Unfortunately, leading Albanian politicians have not taken a stance on this issue yet much less taken steps to designate the river as a national park. Prior to the elections on 25 April, we hope to hear from each of the candidates their opinion and actions in store for the Vjosa.