Vjosa in the TIME and Scientific American

The queen of Europe's rivers gets international attention. © Gregor SubicThe Vjosa is now getting attention in American media, as interest for this last big wild river of Europe increases around the world. Recently, an article was published in the TIME magazine, titled "Europe’s Last Wild River Is About to Get Dammed"

“At a time when dams are slowly being removed in the U.S., a surge of interest in renewable power has Balkan governments scrambling to harness the power of their rivers.”

Another article in the Scientific American – “Europe's Last Wild Rivers Could Soon Drown” – also features a short video

"“Damming the Vjosa would be a major loss, Eichelmann adds. “You must imagine a river like a big tree with branches,” he explains. “The trunk is the main river, but the trunk can only survive if the branches are intact.”"