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While a COVID19-related curfew is in force in the province of Tyrol /Austria, the construction of the contested Tumpen-Habichen hydropower plant on the free-flowing Ötztaler Ache has been secretly started. Completely unchecked, the hydro developers are allowed to destroy this world-famous kayak river and project opponents have no possibility to protest against it. Please sign the petition to stop this madness!

© Jeremy Monroe

World Fish Migration Day 2020 is approaching, a one-day global celebration to improve the public's understanding of the importance of migratory fish and free-flowing rivers and how to reduce our impacts on them. On MAY 16th, thousands of organizations, schools, aquariums, zoos and communities organize events. Join in!

We at Riverwatch are fighting for the preservation of the last unimpaired rivers as well as for the restoration of those already canalized or dammed. Because rivers are so much more than water.

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Lisbon will host the 2nd edition of the European Rivers Summit, from 19th to 21st November 2020. Join us and hundreds of activists and specialists to share knowledge, network and talk about Rivers protection, one of the most endangered ecosystems in the World. Follow us to get all further updates on the European Rivers Summit (ERS) Lisbon 2020.

Ulrich Eichelmann says farewell to Hasankeyf, the drowning World Heritage Site. © Riverwatch

From September 10th to 13th I visited Hasankeyf in Turkey and the Tigris for the very last time. I said my goodbyes to residents, the river, the landscape. One of the most significant regions of humanity will be submerged, in the reservoir of the Ilisu dam. Even today, two weeks later, I can barely bring myself to put this into writing. It is literally incomprehensible.

The Balkan region—richly diverse in cultures, languages and history—is home to the last wild rivers on the European continent. The region truly is the Blue Heart of Europe. However, a hydropower gold rush is putting these rivers at risk: Hydropower is the only “renewable” energy source sending species to extinction, displacing people globally, and contributing to climate change.

The Mura in Slovenia © Goran Safarek

In a joint statement sent to the ministry, 100 scientists from Slovenia, Austria, Germany and other European countries expressed their support for the protection of the Mura River and welcome the decree of Minister of Environment Jure Leben to stop hydropower dams. Furthermore, they encourage the Slovenian government for a rapid confirmation of the decree.