"Scientists for Vjosa" on Patagonia’s Blog

Unusual press conference to honor an extraordinary river. All participants were taken to the island in a rubber dinghy. © jens-steingaesser.de Once very common species of mayflies, stoneflies and caddisflies, which are now essentially extinct in all regulated rivers in Central Europe, are still very abundant here.

The impressions of the scientific head of the Vjosa research week in April – Dr. Fritz Schiemer – were published on Patagonia’s blog “The Cleanest Line”. The blog post explains why the Vjosa is so valuable from a scientific point of view and features stunning photos as well as video, showing the scientists at work (see also above)


The Cleanest Line: Save the Blue Heart of Europe: Scientists for Vjosa


Dr. Fritz Schiemer is former head of the Department of Ecology and Nature Conservation and the Department of Limnology at the University of Vienna, Austria and chairman of Riverwatch.