Ulrich Eichelmann - Riverwatch CEO and campaign coordinator - will talk at the screening © Andrew Burr

Blue Heart Screening in Vienna on June 19

The film ‘Blue Heart’ will be screened in the Hafenkneipe in Vienna on June 19th, at 9pm. The event is organized by SöRF FiLM FEST - open air and with free admission! However, there will be a donation box for the benefit of Riverwatch and the fight against the destruction of rivers in the Balkans.

Riverwatch will certainly be there. CEO Ulrich Eichelmann will talk about the Save the Blue Heart of Europe campaign and will be available for questions and answers after the film.


WHEN: Welcome: 21:00 // Start: 21:30 //

WHERE: Hafenkneipe in Vienna
(Danube Canal, near Franzensbrücke)



The documentary “Blue Heart” follows our campaign and other, local stakeholders through the Balkans to document the crime committed on Europe’s last river jewels and on communities who live by them.

Produced by Farm League on behalf of outdoor outfitter Patagonia

Watch the trailer!